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“Love flows like flowers, and grows like water. I’m so thirsty for romance I could drink a dozen roses.”

Nothing expresses heartfelt affections like a bouquet of flowers. A bunch of fresh and exotic flowers which represent the nature’s finest is an ideal gift which can be given on any occasion. We pride ourselves in the way we treat flowers. Our specialized team makes sure that they hand tie each and every bouquet according to your specification.

The very first thing that we prioritize in is trying to understand the emotions behind the gift. Each and every bouquet speaks a different thought. This deep rooted feeling takes the shape of an extraordinary design. When we couple that design with a bunch of colorful, eye catching and fresh flowers, all you get is a bundle of heaven. The soft petals make you feel welcoming and warm. All these feelings melt together to make for an extra ordinary moment, which precisely is the gift you would want to give. These bouquets that we tie with a lot of care can gift you many such memories and will draw you back to us again and again.


Since the medieval ages, posies, also popularly known as tussie-mussies or nosegays, have charmed people whenever given as gift. The world has changed and so has the thinking of people. However, there are certain things that can never change, like the beauty of flowers, the expression of love, the warmth of happiness, etc.
This is why posies still make for an excellent gift option. In the earlier times, posies were usually worn around the bodice, or head. They could also be carried around. Traditionally, the stems of the posies should be tied with dollies. What adds to the beauty of a posy is if it is placed in a posy-holder, especially in a silver one. This will help you wear one on your waist, around your hair, or alternatively, you can secure it with a brooch. During the Victorian era, posies used to be very popular fashion accessories. Who knew such a small bundle of flowers had such a rich culture?

We have highly specialized posy binders. Your posy is prepared with a lot of care and passion, and with the help of those, you can express your feelings perfectly with the language of flowers.

Flowers For Her

“A flowing flurry of flowers fell to the floor when I fell in love, as if my heart were a garden that gushed forth and flooded her being with the fragrance of romance.”

The language of love is stranger than any language in the world. Love is one such emotion that can overwhelm you with so many emotions that even the most literary man can end up failing to conjure words that could express his feelings to his lady. So, when you want to express how you feel to your lady, but find yourself suddenly limited by the diction, then say it with flowers. Flowers, through the ages, have been used as a way by which one can express love and beauty. Though times have changed, the beauty and the effect of flowers have not. In fact, in the gen Tech era, expressing love with flowers might seem a bit old school, but the effectiveness is what that counts. Imagine giving her a bunch of beautiful flowers decorated in an extra ordinary way that lights up her face. We can assure you, that her blush will be your greatest victory. So say it with style, and we, at Tango Flowers, will arrange the rest for you.


“I have a tongue like a rose petal, and when I say I love you, it has the fragrance of truth. My words are my garden, and I’m planting our future.”

New Zealanders have a special affinity towards roses. So is the case around the world. Roses come in various colors. Their fragrances are mesmerizing. They are often referred to as the most mystifying and romantic of all flowers. The thorns add to the mystique of roses as love always comes with a pinch of pain. That pinch of pain, however, makes love more beautiful, much like roses. However, you can experience the beauty without the pinch, as we make sure that we only select sorted roses and get rid of the thorns for you. The roses are selected on the basis on their colors as well as their conditions. If you want a bunch of roses of a certain color, then we can make it happen. Alternately, the selection of roses that we have is made in such a way that you get to choose from a wide variety of carefully sorted roses put together in an extraordinarily designed bunch.

So express and emote with roses, and experience warmth in your heart!


Floral arrangements might sound easy, but in reality, they are the most challenging things to do. This is why the florists have spent a lot of time trying to understand the language of flowers. Now, they have reached a stage where we can safely say that their floristry is bound to astound you.

Let us take a sneak peak into the floral world. The arrangements prepared by our florists go through a number of stages. The first and the most primary thing is that every florist looks upon an arrangement as a work of art, and hence, emotions play a very important part. Let us not dive into that world. Once that is sorted, selection and preparation of the vessel is done with a lot of scrutiny. Trimming the flowers comes next, as the flowers need to be sized in a manner to fit in the vessel. Building the basic structure is important too, as every art form needs an outline, and the structure is the outline of a floral arrangement. After establishing the base, adding the point of focus comes in. This is the climax of the arrangement. This is the Kohinoor in the crowned jewel. Now it is the time to perform a gestural finish where the arrangement is finished and viewed from all possible angles.

We live the language, and you can select from the range of arrangements available.


We are Lilies fair, The flower of virgin light; Nature held us forth, and said, "Lo! my thoughts of white." - Leigh Hunt (James Henry Leigh Hunt)

Perhaps, there are no flowers in the world that are more pure than lilies. One look at a lily, and we get the glimpse of a creation that is still as serene and pure as God intended it to be. Whenever we are making an arrangement with lilies, we do it extremely carefully, as they are a very difficult type to arrange. We primarily look to preserve the purity and serenity of the flower by adding a dash of romance in it. 

When you want a graceful gift with a sweet fragrance, then lilies are the way to go. With a palette of white and the gaze of stars, lilies are as delicate as it gets. They bruise easily and are extremely sensitive. This is the secret to their beauty. Once preserved and decorated, they offer something that no other flower can, and if you want to gift a moment which can be cherished beyond the realm of words, then an arrangement of lilies should be your priority.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - Sunday 14th February 2017. We will have a great selection of roses and other flowers to suite any taste and budget.
Please order now for delivery or pick up from our store. Deliveries will be available on the 13th February and the 14 February.
Please place your order before midday the 12th to avoid disappointments. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Bright and Happy Yellow bouquet is sure to brighten up the day.

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Pink , green and cream flowers. Impressive round bouquet.

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Vibrant colored seasonal flowers bouquet.

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Happy girly mix of pink seasonal flowers bouquet.

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Soft pink and white flowers seasonal flowers bouquet.

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Multicolored seasonal flowers bouquet.

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Soft Pink and white seasonal flowers bouquet.

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Soft and dark pink, burgundy and green seasonal flowers bouquet.

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White and red roses bouquet.

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Pink, Purple and White flowers Bouquet

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Grouped flowers designer Bouquet

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Vibrant Pink and red flowers , striking greens and juicy fruits bouquet.

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